We Solve IRS Tax Debt

We are a full service tax resolution firm with the "know how" to get you the tax resolution you need so you can finally have peace of mind.

If you can answer "Yes" to any of the following questions:

  • Do you have unfiled returns?

  • Do you owe more than $10,000 in taxes?

  • Are your wages being garnished?

  • Are you being levied?

  • Are your assets being seized?

  • Are you receiving levy or other notices?

Offer In Compromise

An Offer in compromise allows you to settle your tax debt for less than what you owe. You may or may not be eligible. The tax professionals at Key Tax Group can help you determine if you are eligible for this program. Some tax groups will say you are eligible, take your money, and then you will be denied. We go through your financials and help you make an accurate determination if this option is for you!

Unfiled Tax Returns

The professionals at Key Tax Group have the knowledge and experience to help you analyze your tax situation and ascertain what tax programs are available to you to help lower your tax debt. They also have the knowledge and experience to help a taxpayer with the entire process so that the taxpayer can be effectively considered for one of these programs.

Abatement of Penalties

We help taxpayers abate penalties and interest. We respresent taxpayers before the IRS, negotiating an abatement. Most taxes owed include penalties, which accumulate monthly and can include up to 3% of the total tax debt. Key Tax Group tax professionals have the knowledge and experience to stop the accumulation of penalites and lower tax debt.

Currently Not Collectible

Currently not collectible means you are granted a reprieve from collections by the IRS and you do not have to pay anything toward your tax debt. Key Tax Group has the "know how" and experience to negotiate currently not collectible status with the IRS. 

Wage and Bank Levy and Bank Levy  Release

Tax Group will get your levy released by getting you into tax compliance and then working on a tax resolution that will take you out of collections. Once out of collections, you will get a release of levy. If you are in  a hardship situation, we can negotiate with the IRS to get a release of levy based upon your difficult circumstances even if you are not in tax compliance. Trust us at Key Tax Group to know how to resolve your tax issues.

Installment Plan on Back Taxes

Key Tax Group will help you get an installment payment plan on back taxes owed. We can help you get a low payment that you are able to afford. You can rely upon Key Tax Group to have your best interests in mind.


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